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This is our Family History web site. There is a selection list in the navigation menu bar on the right for my wife Patti's families, and, also, for mine. Click on the links in the right hand nav bar listings to go to the next page for each particular lineage. These listings are all a work in progress so be kind, families may be added in the future as their web pages are created or links are found to them. If you email comments specific to our Family History to us using one of the email links in the toplevel CONTACT menu item we may edit them and post them on this page in the running Comments section on the left (where you are reading this now). If you do send us email for this page please use the prefix "GENEALOGY:" for your email Subject line so we can tell it is targeted for this page. If you wish to add a Comment to the Comments portion of an existing Comment then please tell us which thread by Title in your Subject line, too. We encourage you to offer constructive criticism, enhancements and corrections, and we ask that you please be civil about it.

The de Varona Family

Patti's paternal grandmother Pinkie, was Flora María de Varona y Betancourt. Flora's father was Ignacio María de Varona y Agüero, C.E.. You should find a link to their family history in the listing on the right. Also, there are links to the Betancourt family history and a start at a web page for the notorious relative, who was one of the conquistadors of Cuba, Vasco Porcallo Manuel de Figueroa.

The Forepaugh Family

Patt's paternal paternal gr grandmother, Susie, was a Forepaugh from that infamous Adam Forepaugh and Sells Brothers Circus family of the USA in the late 1800's. You should find a link to this family site in the listing on the right.

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